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key west day 4 & 5

key west and Hawks Cay

I forgot to mention on day 3 we had lunch at the pier house, pretty good. Sat at bar watching the ocean. We had a crab brushetta that was very yummy.346.jpg

This was our last day in Key west so we wanted to make most of it. We ended up keeping bikes for extra night...only $20 extra and in the end the lady never charged us so that was good. We wanted to see more of the island that we had missed. I also wanted one more drink at one of our fav spots we had been which was the southernmost cafe...so we did that then hopped on our bikes went back to inn and regretfully checked out. Packed up the car and decided to do more exploring on the bikes. I didnt realize we could get everywere in couple hours. Enjoyed going around Bight and shopping a bit away from touristy shops near mallory square.

A cruise shipped docked as well this day which was the first time since we had been there....its amazing how quickly the island fills up with people...a little scary on the roads with all the inexperienced scooter drivers on the loose.348.jpg

Dropped off bikes and headed to blue heaven for lunch.365.jpg About a half hour wait...no problem sat at bar and met some fabulous ladies from fort lauderdale. Bartender very fun to talk to as well. Lunch here was great, had some sort of lobster sandwich that we ended up splitting...way to much food this trip. We also had to try the famous key lime pie. 374.jpgI had seen an episode of oprah that kenny chesney had flew his grandmother here to have this....it was of course amazing!!!

after lunch we realized we had to leave key west as I had booked us 1 night stay at Hawks Cay resort in Ducks key. This was half way in the keys and at the time of booking thought we would probably be tired of key west and want to try something different. In hindsight I really wished we had just booked another night at the tropical inn. Oh well next time.

so with top down and air blasting we headed to hawks cay. Very nice resort..very luxurious..nice pools and fun man made lagoon to swim in. A little expensive and lots of kids. Thank goodness we found the adult only pool which was very relaxing. When we arrived it was around 4pm so we were aloud to check in. Great valet parking more than accomodating and we were told at check in not to tip as there was an automatic 18% gratuity added to all bills. This was fine as we usually tip this much. 379.jpg our beautiful room.
I had heard there was a good happy hour at the restaurant here, that is at the dock. Even though there is a tram to take you around this huge resort we decide to walk over so that we can walk along the dock to see all the boats. 383.jpg Everyone was coming in from there fishing adventures and we are able to see lots of great catches. We made our way to bar and had great drinks and wing apps. Great taking to people around us. Cute couple from alabama with great accents. After this we headed to the pool to get cooled off. Ordered a few drinks from the pool bar 397.jpg400.jpg then swam in adults pool. As sun was setting we headed over to man made lagoon which was really neat. Our last sunset in the keys was of course spectular!!409.jpg
Breakfast was at the resort..nice buffet but a little expensive...resort definetly not very cheap.416.jpg419.jpg
I was able to request a late checkout to 1pm as we didnt fly out till late, so we spent rest of day hanging out in adult pool sipping drinks and having nice lunch served to us at pool side.

Its been a week now and missing key west...maybe I can get a september trip out of my husband to come back :) if not I'm sure we will be back next spring!

thanks for reading

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key west day 2 and 3

here is day 2 from my report. We woke up refreshed and ready to go with the key lime curtains making the room a lovely shade of that great lime green.

After having breakfast at our inn..great continental style with lots fresh items we got dressed and ready for the day. After checking through my obsessive notes i took from the forum and I had in my head what we needed to do for the day....mind you I wish I took notes so that I could remember details a little more..I'm sure my husband would have thought that would have been just a little on the crazy side. Although when he first looked at my notes he laughed at me but at end of trip he thanked me for planning such a great trip.

we headed down to the southend of Duval since we hadnt been there yet. They started closing of part of Duval by this time for the Pride festivities later on that day.

As we wandered down duval we hit alot of the shops on the way seeing great fun gift items key west had to offer. I love love those pictures with the turquiose water framed in the lobster traps...almost had my husband convinced to buy one but maybe next time....he says he could make the frame...but im not sure were we would get old lobster traps in ontario lol

First stop obligatory picture with southernmost point monument. Didnt have to wait very long for this and there was nice shade that we lined up in like the crazy tourists we were. People were great and everyone in line helped out with taking pictures.186.jpg
After this we headed over the southern point cafe attached to i think southernmost point hotel...nice place which i would like to stay at one day. My husband and i had a running joke about all the things with southernmost point in it..started taking pictures of southern most things like fire hydrons and stop signs lol

the cafe was great and we sat at the bar...which we ended up doing at all bars we visited...great conversation and everyone so willing to talk. With the fans misting on us we ordered to fabulous drinks and watched the ocean....ah does it get any better than this?

after this the day was getting warm so we headed back down to our inn stopping here and there. The pride stuff was up and running and they had some great little vendors set up..great people!!

we grabbed some deli sandwiches at a little place by our inn and headed to our great little private balcony to enjoy lunch. we then headed down to pool area to hang out for the afternoon and have great little nap.
203.jpg As we were laying there a 3 foot iguana came right up to my chair...i litterly almost died lol i woke my husband and started fumbling with camera trying to get picture...comedy act for sure.
207.jpg212.jpg Thats me looking at the pool from our private balcony.\later when we were talking to the inn keeper I asked him about him and he said "ahhh no is that guy back..he leaves me great presents all over the patio...the iguanas and the chickens " lol on a side note I love the chickens and roosters running around...still cant believe it..im sure if i lived there after awhile they would drive me crazy...we were lucky to not being woken up by that early rooster i guess.

we ended up getting ready and dressed up for our dinner cruise with ilseescapes and captain alex. We left a little early so that I could cross some happy hour places off my crazy list. First and best stop was Alzonzos. we ended up getting great seats at the bar and immediately started talking to people around us. we didnt eat here but the drinks were so good we decided to come back on sunday for their app specials.
This is hubby feeding the fish at the dock220.jpg222.jpg hubby leaving the dock.great app shrimp boat..so yummy229.jpg
my mango salad that was heavenly...Capt alex told me recipe but of course i cant remember230.jpg

at 5 we headed over to captain alexs boat for our dinner cruise. I am so so happy i chose this cruise. I had been tossing around different ideas...didnt really want the booze cruise as it was just my husband and I..it was between this and the wind and wine one..which we might try next time we come down. To our luck there was only one other couple on board with us (I guess there is normally 3) A great couple from new jersey who made for some great conversation. Capt alex was great as well as his first mate christina...i cant say eneough about this cruise..from the food..ombiance sunset over ocean and great conversation. thks captain alex great night!! he mentioned that he is buying a bigger boat and might do 3-4 day excursions which we might do one day.
Check out this view during dinner
243.jpg247.jpg261.jpg Captain Alex
265.jpgafter the cruise it eas off for more drinks down duval...same sort of night as friday...great music, drinks and people...so another swim in the pool and a great successful day 2 in key west...

coming next day 3 and the bike rentals!!
i have to start this one off with the weather. I think i had mentioned that i am a little obssesive about things....well for the 3 weeks before we left I was constantly watching the weather and it kept saying rain rain and thunderstorms...even the day before we left every hour or so i would look at my iphone weather (crazy i know lol) .....i wasnt even sure about the convertible because it was supposed to rain all day on the friday........well let me tell ya....rain what is that in the keys....so hot and sunny they hadnt had rain in 6 months....so whatever you do dont fuss about that stuff....almost always says thunderstorms in florida...and the hurricanes well yes that is possible but they really havnt had a bad one in 5 years

So after another great sleep in our little loft and fab breakfast at the inn we headed accross the street to rent some bycicles...we had contimplated the mopeds...but after seeing all the tourists driving around didnt seem very safe and really island is small eneough. ( plus we had been eating and drinking so much I felt the exercise was the right way to go).....with my pink bycicle with the basket and my husband with the blue one we headed off...for $10 a day great idea.....276.jpgwe headed south on duval and the breeze running through our hair felt great in the heat...first stop southern cafe...what sundays no alcohol till 12? lol oh well off to explore and head to frt zach park...we biked around and explored the town...so beautiful I love all of the different conch houses. frt zach was $2.50 each to get in so we gladly paid as we were going to swim and get cooled off. we parked the bikes and found great spot on the beach to hang out for awhile. 281.jpg284.jpgswam in ocean...really great place...before coming here I had read that they had yoga on the beach and i really wanted to do this however they started at 830am...and well oh well yoga can wait till we get home.

at this time it was about 1pm so we decided to head back and explore...bk to southernmost cafe for some great beverages and then we found the blue heaven...love love this place. it of course was on my list of things to do so woohoo another cross off. What a great and unique place...358.jpgwe never made it for breakfast which i guess is the thing to do...but very busy so we sat at the bar and had some great conversation with the bartender and locals...she was squishing fresh mangos so she told us we needed to try them in a daquiri..so of course we did then had a key lime martini...yummy!! lots of cream though which scared me off a bit..definetly a must try.

back to our pool for some r&r then around on our bikes and headed to Alonzos for happy hour...loved this place the guy beside me at the bar just happened to work here so he told us what to order...buffalo shrimp wow heavenly!!! and half prices apps and drinks...after many mojitos and some great local conversation we decided to move on and do more exploring....I will say though the bartenders here were a little crabby and at one point one of them were smashing bottles and scared me a bit...I guess some of the locals were bothering him...but I was not going to let his poor attitude affect our trip..no way I am in way to good of a mood for that.

our next stop was the green parrot were there was supposed to be some great music...when we got there we realized there was none on sundays :( oh well after stricking up conversation with man at the bar he told us hogs breath had great live music on....so we hopped on our bikes (oh ya we decided to keep them till the next day...wish we had done this the first day we have had them the whole time...definetly recommend bikes!!)

the guy we were talking to was great and said he would meet us over there...and yes he did and he brought me a beautiful shell345.jpg....wow cant say enough about the hospitality of people here. great music at hogsbreath and great conversations again....successful day 3!!!!

stay tuned day 4 and we have to leave key west and move on to ducks key...

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1st time in key west

best trip ever!! 10 year anniversary trip


This is my first trip report so bare with me, it might be all over the place with spelling mistakes and bad sentence structure... but here we go...

the trip advisory key west forum helped in planning this trip so much that I felt I needed to give back. All of the little hints and places we visited were great.

i decided to go to key west as a 10th ann trip and am so thankful we picked this place!! Our favourite city to visit before this was new orleans however we have changed that now and key west is the new fav!!!

we flew spirit airlines from niagra falls and landed in fort lauderdale at 5am on friday morning. 080.jpg
I had rented a car and at the time all convertibles were sold out which was a disappointment however it was ok....then we get to the herz window and .....woohoo they had a convertible mustang available....the joy this brought to my husbands face was unbeatable!!! so of course we upgraded and jumped in the car for the 4 hour drive.
We couldnt check into the tropical inn until 3 so our plan was to make many fun stops along the way...which of course we new about after reading everyones comments on this forum.

first stop was the cracker barrel before key largo..we dont have this in canada so its always fun and great breakfast after traveling through the night. ...next stop key largo publix for water and beer and ice. So we filled up little cooler and headed to a little beach outside key largo. We walked around admiring the boats and hung out in water. The heat started to get pretty intense so we hopped in car with airconditioning blaring and of course top down. Next stop was marathon..we wanted to hit sparkys but werent very hungry so we went to the kmart to buy towels and headed to the beach there. Spent couple hours in water and laying on beach.....different people on here have mentioned the keys are not known for their beaches but so far so good!!098.jpg

the drive was fantastic and breathtaking. I am so glad we did this at least once...colour of water wow!!!

We hit Key West around 3 and were starving so we wanted to find the hogfish bar and grill that I had read so much about. Not the easiest place to find and we were unsure driving there if we were safe lol What a fantastic place...local hang out right on the dock. I had the hogfish and my husband had the yellowtail...so yummy!! glad we took the time to find this place.117.jpg
with our bellys full we headed off to find our inn. I loved the references with the mile markers for the drive..very helpful.

By the time we got to our inn we were exhausted..hadnt really slept in day so we needed to rest....AHHH tropical inn...i cant say enough about this wonderful little gem. Right in the middle of Duval st. A total oasis in the middle of a crazy city. First step inside was breathtaking. I posted a review on this inn. We were given the keys to our beautiful little room and were so pleased.126.jpg128.jpg

After a little nap we decided to take a little walk to start the night. First stop was kellys. I had read on here they had a great happy hour and since it was 6..we better hurry. With map in hand we set off..of course we didnt know how to find it...This was our first encounter with a great local who helped us out...i asked him and he said...hey thats were im going, follow me...so off we go great conversation and scenery. At kellys we had a couple margaritas and some wings. Fun little place. Next stop mallory square for sunset celebration of course. What a great place...I needed to find Mr mojitos stand to get one of those mojitos i had heard so much about....yummy..even though they were $10 each..ouch so worth it as they were the best one of many during this trip. So we watched the sunset and had to see cat guy...very strange and fascinating.158.jpg

A couple more mojitos in us we were off to explore night life of duval...The only way to describe duval is like a cleaner version of Bourbon st...best bars that night Irish kevins for some great music...hogsbreath..again great music and I think bull and whistle again great music...after so many mojitos things were getting fuzzy so we needed to hit the room for some much needed sleep. Of course we had to hit our pool first to cool off.

In conclusion great first day...cant wait till day 2

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